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OnePlus 7T Pro live photos leaked

OnePlus 7T Pro photos leaked

Since the OnePlus 5T OnePlus continued its two flagships in a year cycle and it is expected that this year will have no different. A batch of photos has been leaked on Weibo, which shows the alleged OnePlus 7T Pro in the flesh. The image shows that the phone has an oversized case, which probably works to mask the look of the phone. A similar photo was also leaked which shows OnePlus 7T Pro in a black plastic case.
These images are circulating in the Chinese chat platform Weibo which shows the front and back of the phone. The front of the phone shows the home screen of which looks like Oxygen OS and no notch of hole-punch, which shows it is the next version of OnePlus 7 Pro. There are two cutouts which seem to be camera cutouts. It could be to mask the fact that the phone has a pop-up selfie camera. The case looks the same which was leaked a few days back. 

Another image shows that the back of the phone and it has three cutouts for the three rear cameras which look the same OnePlus 7Pro. There are another two larger cutouts below which shows the body of the phone. The phone is expected to have a Nebula Blue color. The person who is shooting the photo is deliberately blocking the top of the phone as well as the edges of the smartphone, which is possible to hide a new feature or a fourth camera. The OnePlus 7T Pro is expected to see running a beta version of Android Q.
There is no information about the specification or whether it has any new design changes. The difference between OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7T Pro will be departments like hardware, camera, and battery. One change could be the inclusion of new Snapdragon 855 plus SoC, which is recently announced. The other main could be an IP rating of the phone. We can see a change in camera sensors. We can expect that OnePlus could swap out the primary 48-megapixel sensor with the new Samsung The 64-megapixel sensor, which is to be debut with Realme’s upcoming smartphone. Based on other ‘T’ variant launches the OnePlus 7T Pro is expected to arrive in November. But now there is no news about OnePlus 7T.

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